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Meet Spanish Women: Ways to Relax and Be Less Intense on a Date

You can meet Spanish women, but to attract the right one that you are interested in and keep her, you will have to get some work done. The dating process is loaded with feelings: the fear of rejection, confusion, disappointment, the need to impress, and the desire to convey a flawless image of who we are. With all these overlapping emotions, one finds it hard to relax and enjoy the date. In order to have fun and enjoy the company of the lady you chose, you must learn to calm your nerves and de-stress before the date. Easier said than done, indeed!

Here are some ways that can help you be less intense while dating your Spanish beauty:

Distract Yourself

This is a very useful technique. You basically try to trick your mind and make it see the whole dating procedure as a simple, easy thing when compared with other happenings in your life. Do not sit down and allow yourself to think about the date and make it a priority, thinking about how to date a Spanish girl, how you are supposed to behave, etc. Do not let these thoughts consume you, for you might end up being very stressed and confused even before the date begins. Go out with friends, go for a walk, spend time with your family, live new experiences and make memories.

What’s more, at this stage, it is still early to place someone very high on your priority list. Do not see them as your everything before they prove that they are deserving.

Create a Mental Safe Word

Relationship expert and host of Dates & Mates Podcast Damona Hoffman says that “Nervousness comes when we have racing thoughts about our expectations, how our date might be judging us, how well we think it’s going and more”. Any man who finds himself around beautiful Spanish women would undoubtedly try to make a good impression. But dating one specific woman might put greater pressure on him. It is natural in such a situation to have racing thoughts. And the way to control them is to create a mental catchphrase that, as Damona Hoffman says, gets you out of your psychological spin and back into the moment as soon as you realize that you are moving into an anxious place. The phrase does not have to be complex or long. Just a simple phrase like “Be good” or “I am great” can help pull you back into the moment.

Be Willing to Accept Rejection

What makes the first date very stressful is that during it, one can have a first impression. And first impressions are very important. They can allow a relationship to be built and to flourish and they can break a relationship even before it takes the time to exist. Gorgeous Spanish girls pay attention to the way you carry yourself, the way you treat the waiter. They even pay attention to your body language. It is confusing, indeed, to put yourself in a situation in which you know that the woman you are dating is studying you. The stress this situation creates is coming from your fears. You care so much about the other person’s opinion about you that you allow your nerves to go uncurbed.

If you face reality, however, that rejection is just a natural part of the dating process, you will not worry much about the first date. You will not have to try to be someone you are not and you will display confidence. What is the point of dating if you are not being yourself! Your body language will automatically project confidence. These good vibes will attract Spanish babes. Being too weak to show your true self and being self-conscious are some of the biggest turn-offs for most women.

If you get rejected, be cognizant that it does not mean that you are not enough. It simply means that it’s not meant to be. The right one must be somewhere out there waiting for you.

Maintain the Belief that you Are Already Whole Without Someone Else

It is dictated by nature that a man needs a woman and that a woman needs a man to become complete. This is how human beings are designed. But to de-stress and relax on a date, convincing yourself that you are already whole and complete can help. Spanish ladies are not attracted by needy men or those who communicate vulnerability since the first date. Believing that you can do just fine alone can make you feel as though your true self is enough; you will not have to try to chase them too hard to get their attention. Just act like the gentleman you are. Communicate through your humble and relaxed attitude that you are not needy and that you will not kill yourself if the potential relationship does not flourish. This will make your potential soulmate subconsciously attracted to you and will not take you for granted because you simply are not too easy to get. You know your worth and that’s sexy.

Be a Good Listener

Avoid bragging and showing off on your first date. Do not put all your cards on the table. Keep some mystery. Take a deep breath, relax, and focus on being a good listener. Let them talk! Ask them open questions to keep the conversation going. Attractive Spanish women are used to men being needy, trying too hard to attract their attention. Be different. Focusing on being entertaining makes you nervous. So, instead of wasting your energy trying to impress them and manipulate their impression of you, follow the flow of the conversation and respond honestly to what is being said. Participate, give your opinion, but do it calmly without seeming too eager to impress. Spanish women appreciate this quality in men.

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