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Rules of Online Sexting with a Spanish Beauty

Online sexting with a Spanish beauty can improve your relationship significantly if you know how to do it right. It makes partners feel more connected even when they can’t be together physically. While sexting used to be a taboo back in the days, now it’s quite inevitable for an online relationship. Every couple has their timing when they feel close enough to try this type of intimacy. However, there are certain rules that you should follow when sexting beautiful Spanish women.

Spanish dating websites

1. Stay safe and sext only the person you trust

Sexting is indeed more common nowadays but you surely don’t want your explicit photos all over the internet, right? To avoid that, you need to trust the woman you are sexting. While we know how attractive Spanish babes are, you shouldn’t become intimate too soon. If some incredible chemistry happens between you two, limit your sexting to texting! Do not send photos of your body parts if you don’t know for sure who is on the other side of the phone/computer. As the relationship with your girl develops, you can slowly relax while sexting.

2. Don’t show your face

Even if you get to trust your girl from Spain, you should avoid showing your face in sexting-related photos. The girl you are with may not show them to anyone but you can become a victim of hackers, intruders or just anyone else who could get to see your photo. That person could share those photos on Spanish dating sites or social media. As a consequence, you will be more exposed than you ever wanted to be. You may be tempted to send (and receive) naughty photos with body and face on it. Unfortunately, that is not safe for neither you nor your partner. As a responsible partner, you should also warn her not to send you naughty photos with her face included. Lastly, you also cannot be sure if someone you are dating will turn different when you break up! Some people get very bitter and do harmful things to take revenge. Dating a Spanish girl is usually unproblematic. However, you can’t be 100% sure that every girl will be fair and loyal even after you break up.

3. Choose the right time

Timing is very important when it comes to sexting. Everything you say feels better when you say it at the right time. For example, you may be very passionate and saying all the right things but your girl will be at work, surrounded by family or very sleepy. In that case, you won’t get the reaction you wanted. You need to be good at time management while dating Spanish woman. When you are both replying quickly, having a nice and comfortable chat and wanting to be closer… That’s when you can start being more intimate. Your girl may not precisely reject you if you send her a naughty text when she is busy doing something else. However, she will not really enjoy it. The more she enjoys sexting you, the more often it will happen and it will be better!

4. Delete your texts and photos

After a passionate sexting session, don’t forget to delete all the texts and photos you sent and received. By eliminating the traces of sexting, you will protect you and the mature Spanish women you are intimate with. Anyone close to you could accidentally (or purposefully) get to see those text and photos. To avoid that, simply erase everything that could expose you and your girl. If you really like some photos, make sure to protect them. You can move the files to a hidden folder or USB that nobody has access to. Also, keep your phone locked at all times.

5. Only do sexting when you are fully focused

If you are sexting from work or when you are drunk, many things could go wrong. Firstly, you may send a naughty text to the wrong person. Second, you could neglect your privacy. Possibly, you will forget to erase photos that you send to pretty Spanish women and some of your colleagues can see it. You surely wouldn’t like that to damage your professional image at work. Also, sexting while you are drunk, will put you at risk. You may only realize in the morning that you posted a naked photo on your social media and everyone will see it by then. Lastly, sexting could simply not be effective if you are multitasking. Your girl will not be able to feel the chemistry from your side. As a consequence, she can think that there is no passion between you too. In fact, you will only be distracted but it will take you some time to convince her. To avoid all those potential problems, simply take your time to enjoy sexting with your woman.

6. Pay attention to details

Spanish dating websites are full of attractive women that you could surely please if you pay attention to every detail. Women need more than a nude photo to get excited. They need to feel you on all levels, physical, emotional and sensual. To be a perfect lover, you cannot be selfish. Slowly explore what your girl likes and dislikes. Gradually, your sexting will become extremely pleasant for both of you. Your girl will love it if you describe every touch and feeling during sexting. Be attentive, caring and passionate at the same time. You will be surprised at the impact only words can do to you and your girl; even more than sending naughty photos and videos.

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