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In Love with a Spanish Beauty? These 9 Signs Will Confirm It!

There’s no doubt that Spanish beauty is among the most attractive faces in the world. A lot of men are falling head over heels with Spanish ladies due to their captivating charm. However, how do you know if you’re already falling in love with someone?

If you find yourself searching for tips on dating Spanish woman on Google, it can be one of the hints you are in love with someone. However, being infatuated and being in love is a bit confusing, but thankfully, these signs listed below will help you figure out if you’re on the latter:

1. You always think about her

When you are dating a Spanish girl and this person doesn’t seem to get out of your head, it is a surefire sign you are falling in love with her. You may get a sudden desire to call her even if you’ve just chatted a few hours ago. 

Similarly, you may also suddenly think about her when you are doing random stuff such as when you are grocery shopping. Instead of buying food for just yourself, you may end up getting her favorite goodies as well. 

2. You can’t resist staring at her

Are you often caught by your partner staring at her lovingly a few times? If yes, then it’s a sign that you are head over heels for her. When you are highly attracted to a girl, you feel the need to satisfy yourself by staring at her constantly. 

People who are dating pretty Spanish women often end up feeling spellbound by their beauties. If you are one of these people, then there’s no doubt you can’t help but stare at your lover multiple times throughout the day. 

3. You feel “butterflies in your stomach”

Spanish dating sites provide the most captivating beauties you will ever find online. Eventually, you will match with someone you will fall madly in love with. Once you feel a bit funny or sick, don’t worry as it can just be among the signs you are falling in love with her. 

Having a bad stomach, feeling a bit nauseous, or having sweaty palms whenever you are around your lady is another hint of you being in love. Being lovesick is a natural phenomenon that happens to most people. Thus, if you suddenly feel ill or your heart’s beating faster than normal, there’s no need to rush to the hospital. 

4. You check your phone a lot

Beautiful Spanish women are undeniably irresistible and leave many men madly in love over them. If you are dating a Spanish lady and you are kind of glued to your phone when chatting with her online, there’s a high chance you are madly in love with this woman. 

On the other hand, you may also find yourself replying to your girl’s message quickly or answering her calls instantly. Nowadays, most people don’t have conversations over the phone anymore, but for a person who is deeply in love, phone conversations are very special. 

5. You often catch yourself smiling

A person who is in love unknowingly smiles out of the blue. When your friend or family catches you smiling randomly, it can be quite embarrassing. However, if you are in love with someone, conversations and moments you shared with each other will randomly just pop up in your head, hence why you smile unconsciously. 

Moreover, don’t be bothered about feeling this way as hundreds of men who are in love with Spanish babes do the same for sure. 

6. You try new things which your partner enjoys

When you are genuinely interested in your partner, you are most likely to become interested in her hobbies and passion too. For this reason, you become open to trying new things out. For example, if your partner is into jazz music, you may find yourself listening to the songs on her playlist. 

7. You get a bit jealous

The mature Spanish women you can find on the top dating sites are definitely among the most coveted ladies online. Thus, if you are lucky enough to find one and she becomes your lover, you certainly don’t want other men hovering around your woman anymore. 

Feeling a bit jealous when your partner is talking with another man is not a toxic behavior. Instead, it is a solid indication you are in love and wouldn’t want to share your lover with any other men. 

8. You want your family and friends to know her

When you value your partner a lot, you would want the people dearest to you such as your friends and family to meet her. Introducing your woman to the people closest to you is a clear sign you are genuinely in love and are proud of her. Furthermore, you also feel satisfied whenever your partner gets along with your friends and family. 

9. You want her to be happy

Being in love involves compassion for one another. If you find your lover’s happiness extremely important to you, then there’s no doubt you are falling passionately in love with her. 

Whenever your partner is feeling upset over something, you may feel the same and would get out of the way just to make things better for her. On the other hand, you feel happy when your partner is experiencing some kind of success and fulfillment in life too. Having a compassionate love is what makes every relationship a healthy one. 


Being in love is confusing. However, it is also one of the most exciting phases in one’s life. If you happen to find someone you want to be with for the long haul, good on you. On the other hand, if you are still on the hunt for your bride to be, the top Spanish dating websites might help you find lifelong love online. 

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