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What Is It Like Dating Spanish Women?

Many myths circulate around the topic of dating Spanish women. What are they like? What to expect when dating them? Yes, many questions are left unanswered unless you start dating Spanish girls to see for yourself or read this helpful guide to find out what Spain girls are like.

With the growing popularity of online dating sites, an increasing number of men are looking to date Spanish women, but not all of them know what it’s actually like.

Some get excited about the idea of dating senoritas from Spain based on anecdotal stories, while others are drawn to pretty Spanish women due to myths.

But you deserve to find out the truth. Let’s be real here. So, what is it like dating women from Spain?

Spanish ladies

You’ll Feel Like a Real Man

In most Western countries, many women are ditching their femininity in favor of masculine qualities. However, that’s not the case when you’re dating in Spanish cities.

Women in Spain embrace their femininity, and, unlike Western women, don’t feel ashamed to be feminine and don’t feel too crazy about the whole “feminism” thing taking its roots from the West.

When dating single Spanish ladies who behave like ladies and are proud to be feminine, any man can feel more macho and masculine.

Prepare for Lots of Passion

If you’ve ever seen Spanish babes dance, you probably know that passion runs in their blood.  

However, dancing isn’t the only thing that Spanish women do with passion. Their sensuality is radiating when women from Spain speak, walk, or even do nothing.

If you feel like your life is lacking passion, you know what to do. Signing up on an online dating site to find a Spanish girl is definitely a decision you won’t forget. That, of course, if you can handle so much passion.

They Age Slower

Nearly everyone knows that Spanish women age gracefully. So, expect your girlfriend from Spain to look great in her 30s, 40s, and beyond. It’s not only her genetics but also her lifestyle that keeps her young both inside and outside.

So when you see an older man dating a noticeably younger woman in Spanish cities, don’t be surprised if they’re the same age.

Expect Loyalty

Spanish women are fiercely loyal, especially when they’ve found “the right” guy. If she’s truly in love, you can be sure that she’ll never cheat on you or betray you in any other way.

This kind of exceptional loyalty is rooted in Spanish women’s family values.

They’re Very Talkative and Social

When looking for a Spanish woman on online dating Spain sites, maintaining a fun conversation won’t be tough because these women are very talkative and social.

These women are the most social people that you’ve seen in your entire life. Women from Spain don’t have problems making new friends.

This is great news for those who struggle to start or maintain a conversation on dating sites. If you run out of topics quite quickly when chatting with other girls, this wouldn’t be the case when dating Spanish women.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can get away with missing a detail or two about her life. You’re still expected to listen and take notes.

You’ll Have to Handle Her Strong Personality

… which, by the way, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Despite a Spanish woman’s prominent feminine side, she maintains a very strong personality. You may have heard that Spanish women are hard to date due to their “personality,” but this mostly comes from men who never actually dated women from Spain or dated the wrong one.

When dating a Spanish girl, her strong personality won’t be a problem if you can handle the fact that she won’t put up with your excuses or lies, she’s fearless and adventurous, and she’s very opinionated and convincing.

If you’re intimidated by these personality traits, then Spanish women may not be your “type.”

dating Spanish girls

The Value Traditional Culture

In Spain, traditional gender roles are considered completely normal to this very day. There, Spanish women are more submissive and housewifey, while their men are more domineering and macho.

Unfortunately for many Westerners, there are blurred lines between gender roles, with many women distancing away from their role of a docile housewife who cooks her husband dinner and stays home with the kids.

Unlike most other Western women, many Spanish girls aren’t ashamed of their traditional gender roles and are okay with the fact that men are meant to be providers.

You’ll Have to Be Involved into Her Family

When dating a Spanish woman, don’t be surprised to find out that she has (very) close ties with her family.

For many girls from Spain, their life is essentially rooted in the family. Although it doesn’t mean that marrying her means that you will have to live with her parents and grandparents, you need to understand that you’ll be very much involved in her family.

Meaning: Expect to memorize the names of her relatives (many of which are difficult to pronounce), hear funny stories about her family, and visit her family in her native town every once in a while.

The fact that she has strong ties with her family means one good thing for your future with her: It proves that she’s very loyal to her family. And now that you’ve become part of her family, you can definitely expect her to be just as loyal to you.

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