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Where and how to find beautiful Spanish women?

Travel to Spain. Yes, it takes lots of time and cost a fortune. But in Spain you probably will encouter with some Spanish girls.

Daytime. Meeting Spanish girls in the daytime may be a more efficient alternative to the “night game,” yet it depends on the city where you are trying to approach a Spanish girl, her mood, what she’s doing or where she’s headed at the time of the encounter, and a plethora of other factors. As a rule of thumb, Spanish women in Barcelona and Madrid are more approachable for foreigners than ladies in other cities. However, most of the beautiful girls you see on the streets in the daytime are taken, and we already explained that Spanish ladies who’re taken are fiercely loyal, didn’t we?

Nightlife. This one seems to be the most straightforward and obvious way to meet Spanish babes, but is this the most effective one? Far from it. As practice shows, Spanish women are hesitant to meet foreigners in nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, and other nightlife establishments, and most of them aren’t up for one-night stands.

Social circle. We’re moving up the ladder here because meeting your potential Spanish girlfriend through the people she knows is more effective than searching by yourself. As you may know, Spain girls are highly social, but may still not be likely to talk to strangers on the streets or in nightclubs. That’s why being introduced to her by her friends could be a great way to meet a beautiful Spanish woman.


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